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Relieve Pain Drops

Relieve Pain Drops

Myrrhs amazing pain relieving properties go WAAAYYY back.

It was used in ancient times as a pain blocker and anti-inflammatory agent.

By interacting with opioid receptors in the brain, Myrrh blocks the production of inflammatory chemicals that contribute to sweeping and pain effectively telling you're brain "there's no pain here".

Combined with the amazing anti-inflammatory and pain relieving attributes of turmeric extract and black pepper for absorbtion, this supplement knocks EVERY other natural pain relief aid OUT OF THE PARK.

I formulated this after my eldest daughter broke her shoulder.

She was given morphine I'm hospital and prescribed powerful pain killers to help ease the pain, but in an effort to maintain a natural approach, I created this supplement for her instead.

When she missed a dose her pain was severe, but within MINUTES of taking a few droppers full of this, the excruciating throbbing that had her crying out in pain, was GONE. Leaving her only with a mild ache.

We were both amazed that the drops were so effective.

We were able to avoid conventional pain killers throughout the duration of her healing and within a little over 3 weeks, she regained FULL mobility of her arm and avoided surgery. (This was healing that should've taken 6 weeks more).

We fully credit this amazing concoction to the Lord Jesus!

He alone gives wisdom and has an answer to every problem when every other attempt fails!

We are beyond excited to be able to finally offer this amazing supplement to our customers and pray you find some much needed relief from pain associated with injuries or arthritis.

Effective for pain and SO MUCH more! Research the benefits of Myrrh and Turmeric to see that amazing things in can do for you!

God bless and thanks for stopping by.

Sold in a 2oz dropper bottle. Bigger sizes may be avail upon request.

Ingredients: coconut derived Glycerine, organic Frankincense and myrrh resin (NOT essential oil), whole organic cloves, organic fresh Turmeric, organic black pepper


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