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Oxygen Therapy Mouth Rinse

Oxygen Therapy Mouth Rinse

Introducing our new and improved product:

🌟 Now in an 8oz bottle!!! 🌟

Pure food grade H2O2 (Hydrogen peroxide) also known as "Oxygen Therapy" is a great natural remedy for MANY things. From internal detox to lung conditions and even oral health, H2O2 can get you on the road to rapid healing! 💪💦

🌿 This unique formula is designed to be a mouth rinse for conditions like halitosis, thrush or yeast related oral conditions, bacterial related throat conditions, gingivitis, and existing gum or oral issues.

Can even be used to assist in healing cavities and reversing tooth decay! 🦷✨

🛍️ *See our shop for great products like Re-Mineralizing toothpaste, cavity killing treatments, and Re-Mineralizing oil for oil pulling and supplementation.* 🛒

🌸 Handcrafted from pure food grade peroxide, filtered water, stevia extract, pure essential oils, and hand crafted flavor extracts (3 flavors available: cool mint, Frankincense and myrrh, and cinnamon). All hand made on site! 🌿🧪

🌟 I can also include xylitol in the formula if requested! 🌟

Since peroxide loses its efficacy over time, this formula is only sold in 4oz bottles and should be used within one month of the purchase date.

🌡️ Best if stored in the refrigerator and kept out of direct light.

💦 Swish with a capful upon waking and after brushing as many times as needed!

Follow up with a water rinse to remove residual H2O2. 💧

Experience the power of our Pure Food Grade H2O2 Mouth Rinse and take your oral health to new heights. Order yours today and embark on a journey of improved well-being! 🌟🌿🦷💦

Our handcrafted mouth rinse is available in three delightful flavors:

1. Cool Mint 🌿

2. Frankincense and Myrrh 🌸

3. Cinnamon 🌟

These flavors add a refreshing and pleasant taste to your oral care routine, making it a more enjoyable experience. Choose your favorite flavor and elevate your oral health journey with our Pure Food Grade H2O2 Mouth Rinse! 🦷💦


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